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Effective SAP Resources Management Platform
SAP is a service system offered by the world’s largest management software provider SAP, an in information mangement system which integrates all enterprise resources, makes planning and scientific management of sales, purchasing, production, warehouse, transportation, finance, service and human resources to realize lean production, agile manufacturing and synchronous project, reach optimum resources integration and ensure product quality, good service and optimal delivery time for meeting customers’ need in a comprehensive way.
Information Management
In order to adapt the fast-paced company development and integrate with international management, we pay great attention to Enterprise Informationalization to fully implement effective information management system based on three information platforms: ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning), OA(Office Automation), PDM(Product Data Management). The valid ERP system, which is offered by the world’s biggest management software provider, is to make the most of scientific planning and management from purchasing resources to sales resources. Particularly, the introduction of OA system has greatly improved the working efficiency and refined workflows. Meanwhile, PDM has greatly strengthened the automation of enterprise management, improved the accuracy of product design and making, shortened new products research cycle. In terms of quality control, we are continuously making PDCA quality developable circulating and taking QCC(Quality Circle Circle) actions.
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